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278 A Street, Unit 4
Friday Harbor, Washington 98250

(360) 378-0150

Our mission is to provide the highest caliber, most professional instruction on San Juan Island. We specialize in programs that create leaner, stronger, more flexible and well balanced bodies. We are fully qualified to assist your physical therapist and other specialists with a rehabilitation program through corrective exercise therapy. The Studio offers individual and semi-private sessions in the Pilates method plus a dynamic schedule of group exercise classes.


Adult Fitness

adult fitness

Yoga stretch – New!

Based on the work of Hilary Cartwright, this yoga stretch class awakens your senses, stimulates the nervous system and activates your body using breath. Move fluidly through sequences and notice physical and mental blocks dissolve away, allowing your body to open up in new ways. This unique approach is being taught by a select group of trainers to a wide range of students, including seniors and dancers at Paris Opera Ballet and American Ballet Theatre.
60 minutes

Adult Fitness 20/20/20

Coming soon – December 2015
Get a great workout in 20 minutes – so why not do it three times? You will get 20 minutes of low impact cardio-vascular training; 20 minutes of strength/core training; and 20 minutes of balance/flexibility training – in this fun, versatile class. Please register for this class at Island Rec.
60 minutes

YOGA over 55

Iyengar yoga at its best. Relax your body and revitalize your spirit! With a focus on flexibility and balance, this class develops strength through a range of yoga poses using props for support. Stretch and breathe your way towards total physical and mental renewal.
60 minutes

BACK to fitness Yoga

Designed to help you to manage your own back. With the use of simple yoga poses, exercises and postural adjustments, this class will help you get back to normal activities and to prevent back pain recurrences.
60 minutes