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278 A Street, Unit 4
Friday Harbor, Washington 98250

(360) 378-0150

Our mission is to provide the highest caliber, most professional instruction on San Juan Island. We specialize in programs that create leaner, stronger, more flexible and well balanced bodies. We are fully qualified to assist your physical therapist and other specialists with a rehabilitation program through corrective exercise therapy. The Studio offers individual and semi-private sessions in the Pilates method plus a dynamic schedule of group exercise classes.



"For a year, I’ve dabbled in Pilates. I love the movement and flow Pilates has to offer, and I love the even strength and balance I develop while practicing Pilates. I needed a boost to elevate to the next level where Pilates was a part of my daily routine. Booty Camp was exactly what I needed in my daily life. Booty Camp gave me the structure, routine and support I needed to be successful. While my physical-body developed flexibility and strength through engaging and authentic classes, The Studio supported my mind-body emotionally and physically with useful resources, a kind-hearted ear and the sort of love and understanding found in deep friendships. I joined a community of woman who were on the same wellness path and by our sides were the lovely and knowledgable staff at The Studio. Adopting and completing a Whole-30 nutritional plan would not have been possible if not for the community The Studio welcomed me into. I stand taller, I am stronger and I eat better because of Booty Camp. Most importantly, I learned that I can achieve anything as long as I have caring guides and a strong community of love and support. I am changed for all the better. Thank you, Studio."

– Furber

"I started the Whole 30 with an interest in trying this to see how I would feel with diet changes and how hard this might be, let along how it would work. I was pretty skeptical about my being successful as I am a long time failed Weight Watcher and find I work hard trying to make something not work. This was different. I have some weird digestive issues and changes have been recommended but I have not been successful in putting it together. It worked – I have felt better, had fewer issues and lost weight. I have more energy and am trying to make the long-term changes to my diet. The cooking portion was hard work at first and took a lot of time – once in the swing it got easier and almost fun. I do not like smoothies and have not found anything vaguely related to Kale that I would try more than once. If someone would cook for me it would be wonderful, but thinking about what you are going to eat is a lot of work. Because I am off island and traveling there takes a lot of time I did not get to participate in any classes – they sure looked like a lot of fun and would have been well worth the effort. I have a Pilates coach that I work with so I continued with her and it was great. I was very envious of the help of the local restaurants to help the group when cooking just got to be too much, or it looked like you shared meals and the actual personal support from each other would have made this easier. The resources provided make it work for me. The Facebook page was very valuable and getting the information and challenges from the weekly meetings was amazing and I am sure exhausting for everyone at The Studio SJI, especially Jennifer Horn. I am working hard to stay on target and there are days it goes better than others. Now, it's as if I like my coffee with coconut milk and really enjoy the veggies. The support of family and friends is critical to making this work and I thank those at the studio and the people in the group that posted on Facebook as being the ones to help get through the month. I would do this again when it is repeated to help make sure I stay on track."

– Pat Horn

A friend suggested we do the Whole 30 / Booty Camp. As with everything before I really think about it, I said yes. As the days counted down to January 1st’s start date, I became very nervous. I’m not really a “group” exerciser. But everyone was amazingly supportive and we were all in it together. Getting measured and weighed was not as bad as I thought it would be. Entering my 45th year, I had a goal to get on the right side of my health. This program was great for me in so many ways. I’ve never been a “dieter” and this program allows you to eat and to eat well. Giving up coffee cold turkey was much easier than I expected. If I couldn’t have my amazing Coffee Mate creamer, I just wouldn’t drink coffee. I slept better, had more energy during the day, and LOVED the way my body was responding to the program.

I felt supported all the way both by the fabulous instructors and by the fellow Booty Camp members. Strength in numbers! I’ve learned I can be dedicated to something for 30 days.
— Jen Herda
A huge thanks to Jen, Jacquelyn and Sharalyn. What an awesome experience this 30-day booty camp has been. You guys are a dream team for personal health and well-being. Jen, you literally are made for this kind of work, you are such a supportive, loving, creative and knowledgeable leader. Jackie, you raise the bar and completely bring out my inner warrior and make me work harder than I ever could on my own. Sharalyn, you are such a fun, light-hearted, natural instructor (and not to mention, an INCREDIBLE DANCER) – I’ve never had so much FUN working out! I will sign up for any future camp you guys put on. Thanks for the internal overhaul, my body and mind thanks you!
— Rebecca Clarke

"Five years ago I woke up and I was unable to walk. I had no idea that I had degenerative spinal disease, my leg had been hurting a bit, and I had just moved to the island and wasn’t walking as much as I did when I was living in NYC. I was admitted to the hospital in Seattle for a double spinal surgery, removing parts of my spine. It was a long recovery and I was told that eventually I would have to go through this sort of surgery again. I gained a lot of weight, my body became weak, my husband had to help me off of the couch, my work became even more sedentary and I slipped into a depression. I was unable to START the process of healing. I didn’t know where to go or what to do. I started with a few local programs that were good, but a little hard on my body, and no matter how many times I went to training, it still felt so hard. This went on for a year or two. When I heard that Jen Horn was teaching a class called Booty Barre, I thought I should try it. It was hard, but it felt different for my body, I was sore afterwards for sure, I may have yelled at Jen a little during it, and still she made it seem like fun. Then, I went back with a little hesitation. Then, I couldn’t wait to keep going back and when Jackie and Jen opened The Studio, I took as many classes as I could. I realized that my back didn’t hurt, that I was getting really, really strong. Before I couldn’t carry a grocery bag without tears, it was a shameful feeling, now I could carry 4 grocery bags up a flight of stairs and maintain my breath. Now I could lift my 6-year-old kids and toss them around while playing. Pilates is sneaky, I often comment that all of the sudden my body makes a muscle, like it literally pops and there it is. Jackie, Jen and Sharalyn are so well trained they can see when you might not be pushing yourself in the way that they know you can. They are funny; they make you feel good about yourself. My father is a triathlete and my sister runs marathons all the time. I've always been the wimp. Last Christmas I took both my father and sister to Booty Barre and they were dying, it was really hard for them and they kept stopping and part of me was like 'yeah, I’m stronger than them now'. I wish I could really verbalize how much The Studio means to my family, my emotional well being and me. They are all just so supportive. Also it would be wrong of me to mention the clients. Because Jen, Jackie and Sharalyn are so positive, talented, educated, strong and funny-- it spills over into the students. I can’t think of a better way to work on every part of your whole self than within The Studio. You guys are awesome, even though I yell at you sometimes when you push me, it’s worth it. 

P.S I don’t need back surgery again. My core is that strong now. Attending classes is WAY cheaper than another 44K surgery."

– Sara Jensen